ShunFa Plastic Products Factory ¨C Zhi Yuan Plastic (Dong Guan) Co .Ltd was founded in 1990, which is situated at the Nancheng Industrial Zone, Dao Jiao Town , DongGuan City. It has the area 20000 square meters and has its own new workshops about 45000 square meters . The transportation is very convenient due to the perfect location. Our company promotes the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certificate ¡¢ ¡°5S¡± and P.D.C.A management, and now there are more than 500 employees and over 50 senior managers. The mostly department including: Engineering Dept. ¡¢ QC Dept. ¡¢ Planning Dept. ¡¢ Warehouse Dept. ¡¢ Purchasing Dept. ¡¢ Injecting Dept. ¡¢ Feather Inserting Dept. ¡¢ Painting Dept. ¡¢ Printing Dept. ¡¢ Administration Dept. and other related assistant Departments.

(1) Engineering Dept.: Formed with engineering and molding . Polynomials engineers ¡¢ mould masters and the tool groups are following the product flow and technical guidance, and they also have the capability of exploiting product and manufacturing mould.

(2) Injecting Dept.: We have 52 pieces injection(from 90T-1000T) machines,( 90T -3 pieces ¡¢ 120T-8 pieces ¡¢ 150T-3 pieces ¡¢ 180T-4 pieces ¡¢ 210T-5 pieces ¡¢ 250T-3pieces ¡¢ 280T-3 pieces ¡¢ 300T-2 pieces ¡¢ 320T-1 piece ¡¢ 340T-4 pieces ¡¢ 380T-2 pieces ¡¢ 400T-3 pieces ¡¢ 450T-4pieces ¡¢ 650T-5 pieces ¡¢ 800T-1 piece ¡¢ 1000T-1 piece) and the related equipment are all ready. Mainly product the brush of cleaner ¡¢ life and industry and mobile telephone's shell and so on.

(3) Feather Inserting Dept. :We have two pieces Belgium computer-controlled 5-axis automatic feather inserting machine ,58 pieces computer-controlled feather inserting machines , 12 pieces computer-controlled drill,40 pieces brush finishing machines and the related assort equipment.

(4) Painting Dept.: we have 50000 Class non-dust painting with 12-lugging machines , 1 strip UV Auto temperature-controlled glide stove and the related equipment.

(5) Printing Dept.: there are some Auto 1-color pad printers and Auto double-color pad printers ,and more than 20 pieces screen printing machines , Exposure net and the related fittings of Exposure Plate .

(6) QC Dept.: Composed by QC and QA, we have the test lab and the entire test equipment and apparatus for testing and validating ,that the product can legal meet the customers' demand .This department including IQC ¡¢ the testing QC in workshop ¡¢ finished product QC.

Others: The senior principal in Product Dept. ¡¢ Planning Dept. and Purchasing Dept are all working in and cooperating with each other, so that we can delivery the goods on times and meet the customers' need.

The aim of our enterprise is: Quality first, Customer upmost .

Our promise is: Good products, Best service, Delivery on time and Cost-benefit product. For meeting the customers' need, we will improve our quality step by step and set up long-term cooperation with customer and vendor though training stuff and inspiring develop new technical.

Welcome all friends and customers to visit our factory for business discussion.
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